Adrienne Hoffer


Adrienne always knew she wanted to be a hairstylist, even as a little kid she worked in her mom’s salon sweeping floors and booking appointments for her. Since completing hair school, she has made it her mission to take in as much education and opportunities in the hair industry as possible. Adrienne has been featured in an Editorial Bridal Magazine, has worked as a backstage stylist for Doc Walker, and has travelled to different cities taking in education on Barbering, colour, editorial work, and more. Now, working as a Redken Educator, she is able to share her education with not only her clients but other stylists as well.  

What Hobbies or interest’s do you have outside of samantha James hair design?

“I have created a terrible addiction to Pinterest (I’m sure many of you can relate)! In my spare time, I love finding DIY projects for refinishing furniture and getting lost in the hair tutorials. Besides my crafty projects, I love travelling and spending lots of time with my fur babies Rocky and Coal.”

what do you enjoy most about being a hairstylist?

“More than anything, I love transforming my clients hair and seeing their inner confidence come out. Something as simple as haircut can make someone feel so good!”

Where do you get your inspiration from?

“I love that inspiration can be curated from everything around us. I live in the country, so I am constantly picking up inspiration from nature surrounding me, as well keeping up with the new trends and fashions.”

if you could go back in time, what advice would you give yourself?

“Don’t be scared of the opportunities in life, and just go for it!”

in five songs, what is the soundtrack of your life?

Dynoro - In my mind
Travis Scott - Sicko Mode
Ariana Grande - Breathin’
The Neighbourhood - Sweater Weather
MIA - Paper Planes

What is one of the best compliments you have ever received?

One of my amazing clients flew me out to Newfoundland to do her hair for her wedding. It was such a compliment to have someone want me to do their hair that they would be willing to fly me out, and I was so honoured.