James Ouellette


James started his hairstyling training right after high school and has kept moving forward with his career ever since. Along the way he has been a two-time finalist in the Contessa awards, has done hair for photo shoots featured in Outwards Magazine (LGBT Winnipeg magazine), has been Creative Director for charity hair/fashion shows, and was named one of Canada's Top Ten Bridal Hairstylists of 2014 (Weddingbells magazine online). After a short time living in Montreal, James decided Winnipeg was home, and with the help of his coworker and friend, Samantha, they decided to open their very own salon in Saint Boniface.

What hobbies or interests do you have outside of the salon?

"I was a student at the School of Contemporary Dancers so I try to continue dancing by attending a couple classes each week such as, tap, salsa or lyrical jazz, as long as it keeps me moving. On the weekends I like to go for brunch with friends to catch up on each other's weeks. Usually over a couple mimosas."

What do you enjoy most about doing hair?

'I love creating soft dimensional blondes either by using a full head of highlights or a balayage technique. Bobs/lobs and short textured haircuts are some of my favourite styles to do, especially with a beachy texture incorporated."

Where do you get your inspiration from?

"A lot of my inspiration comes from my clients. They give me simple guidelines to work with and I expand on those ideas, or I'll see a super edgy extreme style in a European hair magazine and picture which of my clients I could tailor it too."

If you could go back in time, what advice would you give yourself?

"Just be patient. Things will work out in the end, so don't forget to have some fun along the way."

In five songs, what is the soundtrack of your life?

Bee gees - You should be dancing
Barbara Streisand - Don't Rain On My Parade
Julie Andrews - My Favourite Things (The Sound Of Music)
RuPaul - Covergirl
Robin Williams - Friend Like Me (Aladdin)

What is the one of the best compliments you've ever received?

"It's not anything people say really. It's more, when I'm done with someone's service and they can't stop touching their hair and looking at themselves in the mirror, even without words you can tell they're very happy. The main reason I became a hairstylist was to make people happy and see them smile."